Summer School = CX-kennis bijspijkeren

Summer School = CX-kennis bijspijkeren
  • 26 juli 2016
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Nu de zomerperiode is aangebroken, is er voor velen ook net iets meer ruimte en tijd vrijgekomen. Tijd die je bijvoorbeeld kunt steken in het verbeteren van de klantbeleving. In augustus zet Verint daarom een Summer School op met 12 interactieve webinars.

Het programma is als volgt:
Dinsdag 2 augustus
7 Deadly Survey Sins and How to Avoid Them
Are you getting the most out of your customer feedback and surveys? Do you have a strategy to capture and act upon customer feedback? Quite often systems are in place but organistaions are not getting the results they were hoping for. Learn about the 7 deadly survey sins that negatively impact most customer experience programs and hear Rachel Lane, Practice Lead Customer Analytics EMEA discuss the proven strategies to overcome these common issues.

Woensdag 3 augustus
The Future of Selfservice: a Multi-modal Approach to Customer Self-sufficiency
Customer selfservice used to simply mean a website. But with emerging technologies around smart devices, wearables, IoT, and more, what are your customers really looking for in self-service? The answers are in a joined-up, multimodal approach that values a customers' most precious resource: their time. Gain real-world insights from various projects, and learn tips and techniques to help you plan and best achieve self-sufficiency.

Donderdag 4 augustus
Gamification & The Evolution of Performance Management
Gamification is helping organisations increase employee engagement, drive behavioural change and achieve performance improvements in a fun and innovative environment. Managing performance and productivity is no easy task, given the multiple functions, disparate systems, and complex processes typical of the enterprise customer service environment. Find out how improving performance and increasing employee engagement can directly impact operations and productivity and improve customer experience.

Dinsdag 9 augustus
Measuring Customer Success through Journey Mapping and Speech Analytics
Most products and services have become commodities, so how does a company differentiate itself? There is only one real way – the experience your customers have with your company. What is their perception after they interact with your multiple customer service channels? Learn the benefits of focusing on and measuring customer success through journey mapping and speech analytics.

Woensdag 10 augustus
How to Build a Business Case for Knowledge Management
As your customers expect speedy and accurate service, knowledge management is vital to help your employees provide consistent, accurate answers with ease. In this webinar, Steven Thurlow, VP and Global Practice Lead, Engagement Management discusses best practices for building a business case and ROI model to get a knowledge management project approved for your organisation.

Donderdag 11 augustus
Improve Customer Experience through Faster and Simpler Authentication
Most people who fail authentication are actual account holders. Remembering passwords is bad enough, but all those knowledge based questions, mother's maiden name, first dog etc etc. All information that can be researched. Learn how voice biometrics is not only more secure, but makes for a greater customer experience, whilst reducing the time it takes to authenticate.

Dinsdag 16 augustus
Rethinking Quality: Driving Improvements, Customer Experience, and Employee Engagement
Contact center quality presents a daunting challenge - providing accurate and complete information, empowering employees to take appropriate action, and using appropriate soft skills. But, how do we get different employees to deliver the same customer experience? And, what do they think of quality and customer experience anyway? Hear how an energy company partnered with Verint Business Advisory Services to address these challenges and plan for the future

Woensdag 17 augustus
How to Grow Customer Loyalty and Engagement with a Branded Online Community
How do you drive customer engagement, increase average revenue per customer, and maintain retention rates? Create a public space for your customers to engage with peers and your brand. Hear from one team on how it built and established multiple, flourishing communities under its company brand – slashing support case costs while creating additional value and more intimate brand loyalty for customers.

Donderdag 18 augustus
Robotic Process Automation: How to Simplify and Expedite Business Processes
Many organisations have operational areas that require significant staff hours to execute thousands of time-consuming manual business processes each day. Verint’s new Robotic Process Automation provides software robots that can help increase processing efficiency, reduce errors, and cut operational expenses. Learn how this solution can help you automate a wide range of processes across multiple applications to deliver business value around the clock.

Dinsdag 23 augustus
Technology and Cultural Adoption: How to get the most of your Backoffice environment
Are you getting the most out of your customer services and process management solutions? Are you using the right work force management tools for the right job? Find out how to transform the way you back office works, rationalise your requirements and processes, and help ensure cultural adoption across your organisation. Graeme Gabriel will give tips on how to gain employee buy-in and leverage your technology solutions to the full.

Woensdag 24 augustus
Automated Guidance - How Automated Support and Guidance drives Efficiency and Employee Engagement
Find out how automation can increase productivity, improve accuracy and reduce training time and operational costs. As employees in large organisations work in multiple applications and have large numbers of processes and tasks to complete, automation helps reduce human error and valuable time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks.  In this webinar, Rich Bennett will demonstrate how to automate data entry across applications so that tasks can be completed more quickly. He will discuss the benefits of providing in-task guidance to employees with information they need to complete their tasks.

Donderdag 25 augustus
How the On-Demand Economy Translates to Bank Customer Experience
Consumers today want products and services on-demand in a highly personalized manner, yet prefer a face-to-face experience when making big financial commitments. TimeTrade’s survey of 2,000 consumers reveals that younger demographics, such as Millennials and Gen Z (20 and under) especially value in-person discussions due to first-home buying and launching long-term retirement plans. This session will also discuss the importance of using branch customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

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